Tyler George

Job Seeker

Roswell Pharmacy Technician


Tyler had completed a two-year general studies degree at ECC and did not know what he was going to be able to do with it. He was working at Home Depot to support himself, in the hope that someday he would be able to return to school to complete a four year degree. The problem was, Tyler had no clue what he wanted to do. Another year went by, and Tyler began to realize that time was going quickly, and he needed to take another step if he wanted to have any chance at a successful future.

One of his fellow co-workers brought him an ad in a local newspaper describing a free training at ECC’s pharmacy technician program through HPOG. Tyler gave this idea considerable thought, as he had once considered pursuing pharmacy as a career. He decided that he had nothing to lose, and so he made the call to see what he needed to do next.

Tyler thought it would be a good idea to do some research in the medical field before committing to training. The more he read, the more interested he became in pharmacy. He knew that healthcare jobs would be in demand for a long time. Tyler liked the idea of helping people, and took special interest in the array of various medications. He took the entrance exam and passed with flying colors.

The pharmacy technician program kept Tyler motivated and moving. From the teachers and peers, to program staff and his HPOG case manager, he was reminded every day that he was working toward a goal-that there was a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Once training was complete, Tyler met with the HPOG Job Developer and Career Pathways Navigator, who helped him revise his resume. They provided assistance with interviewing skills, and helped with distributing his resume to contacts who were hiring pharmacy technicians.

Tyler passed his certification exam and was offered a full-time job at Children’s Hospital through  Kaleida Health. He states that he loves what he is doing every day, it doesn’t seem like work to him. He is planning on going back to school for either pharmacy, registered nurse, or possibly physician’s assistant. Tyler is grateful for the opportunity HPOG Buffalo has given to him, and says this has prepared him to succeed in all facets of his life.