Shirita Bryant-Brown

Job Seeker

Well it all started April 1, 2016, when I was packing up my belongings after being employed for a company of 28 years. The company I was working for decided to outsource the department I was work in.  I said to myself what do I do now?  Who is going to hire a fifty-two-year-old?  I was starting to feel sorry for myself.  After sharing the loss of my job to my husband he had suggested to me to go to the Buffalo Training & Employment Center located at 77 Goodell Street.  I said to myself why not I have nothing to lose and lots of time on my hands. 

Here at The Buffalo Training Center, I attended orientation with a lady named Ann Cordorva who was very informative about the services and we received a tour. I was referred to the Job Search and Interview Tips workshop where I met Mr. Joe Sullivan who taught us the do and don’ts of interviewing and job search strategies. My counselor I was assigned to was Mrs.  Joyce Faines, Placement Specialist, Joyce and I connected right away.  Joyce helped me get back on track with assisting me with updating my resume, reaching out to employers to set up interviews and getting me connected with taking refresher courses such as Advanced Microsoft Word, and Excel.  Joyce also invited me to her Friday afternoon, Job Club which provided me with networking skills and open job opportunities, as well as guest speakers.

During my 6 weeks at Buffalo Training & Employment Center I meet people like me that been though similar job situations, so I did not feel alone. 

The Buffalo Training & Employment Center helped me prepare for my new start at Liazon as a Client Service Specialist, where I now have been employed for one year. 

I appreciate people like Joyce Faines, Ann Cordorva and Joe Sullivan and the staff and Buffalo Training & Employment Center for making an impact on my life and other job seekers who take advantage of the services at BETC.


Shirita Bryant-Brown