January 7, 2022 -
11:00am to 12:15pm
Virtual - link to be emailed
New York

Have you ever applied online for a position you thought you were perfect for, only to never hear back from the employer? Chances are that it may not have been seen by an actual human being at any point during the hiring process because of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). In this workshop, you will learn some ways to make your resume ATS friendly to avoid the dreaded ATS black hole.

Workshop objectives:

  1. Learn how ATS technology works.
  2. Discover how keywords and job titles can strengthen your ATS applications.
  3. Learn the best resume styles for ATS.
  4. Find out how creating a position-specific narrative strengthens your resume.
  5. Learn better formatting techniques so the parsing process is not disrupted.
  6. Consider your strategy before applying for a job – people decide who they are going to hire, technology does not.

Taught by SUNY Erie Dean of Employment & Training Services II, Denise Raymond-DiBlasi, M.S., Certified Workforce Development Professional. You must be registered with the New York State Department of Labor to access Erie County Career Centers' cost-free workshops, events, and resources. This workshop is primarily intended for Erie County, NY residents. 

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